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With 30 years of history, today Gaming1 is one of the international leaders in both land-based and online games of chance (casino games, sports betting and poker). Its evolution at the heart of innovation is accompanied by a diversification and specialization of positions, with the creation of new cutting-edge jobs. As part of its sustained growth, Gaming1 is looking for a Domain Architect to join its Architecture Team team.


  • Bridging the gap between the technical and non-technical: Able to speak on behalf of technical teams and facilitate the relationships with indirect stakeholders
  • Making and guiding decisions: Able to make decisions characterised by managed levels of risk and complexity and recommend decisions as risk and complexity increase. Capable of resolving technical disputes between wider peers and indirect stakeholders, taking into account all views and opinions
  • Turning business problems into technical design: Designs systems characterised by managed levels of risk, manageable business and technical complexity and meaningful impact. Works with well-understood technology and identifies appropriate patterns
  • Understanding the whole context: Able to understand trends and practices outside their team and how these will impact their work. Able to understand how their work fits into the broader strategy and historical context. Capable of considering the patterns and interactions on a larger scale
  • Governance: Understands how governance works and what governance is required. Capable of taking responsibility for the assurance of parts of a service, knows what risks need to be managed
  • Strategy: Capable of applying strategy, using patterns, standards, policies, roadmaps and vision statements. Able to challenge them and provide guidance


  • Solution designs in….
  • good understanding of a broad range of technologies
  • able to converse easily with and translate between non-technical stakeholders and technical practitioners
  • able to switch between different problems and responsibilities and directly involved in service delivery


  • Masters or Bachelor in Computing with proven experience working with OOP as a developer
  • At least 10 years’ experience in software development and web architecture
  • Experience advising on software architecture
  • Knowledge of Bitbucket, TeamCity, AWS
  • Deep knowledge of Object-oriented Development (C#, .NET, Dart)
  • Knowledge of WebGL;
  • Experience of Agile development;
  • Interested in the processes implemented under the abstraction layer, tools and frameworks;
  • Knowledge of Design patterns, DDD;
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills;
  • Fluent FR / EN;
  • Strong communication skills;
  • Highly analytical mindset, with an ability to see both the big pictures and the details;
  • Capacity to handle big existing code base;
  • Knowledge of Web security & OWASP 10 risks.


As well as having a unique experience - centered around our values of pleasure, team spirit, performance, boldness and integrity - alongside 1,200 employees around the world, we offer:

  • the opportunity to contribute to the international development of a family company from Liège
  • the chance to take part in a human and entrepreneurial adventure within a solid group
  • a friendly work environment that is adapted to reaching optimal performance
  • leadership by talents, values, trust and autonomy
  • the opportunity to progress and specialize with our internal mobility system
  • a competitive salary package with several perks
  • the possibility to work remotely for a good work-life balance


Gaming1's NEWS

The Gaming1 Belgian hub moved to the heart of the Ardent City in 2021.. Immerse yourself in our new offices.

The health of our employees is our priority. Remote working, health and safety measures, remote recruitment.

More, the perks card offered to all Gaming1 employees. Browse the list of reductions.




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